Rick Santorum, Theologus Bibliae

Rick “Man on Dog Sex” Santorum will never be elected president, but if it’s the role of Tea Party chief inquisitor he’s bucking for, then he should be hired immediately.  This is Santorum at a speech late last week as reported by Reuters:

Obama’s agenda is “not about you. It’s not about your quality of life. It’s not about your jobs. It’s about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible. A different theology,” Santorum told supporters of the conservative Tea Party movement at a Columbus hotel.

Where does one even begin with such foolishness?  Would it do any good to point out to his followers that the bible has no consistent theology?  Or that the United States should not be governed by theology? Continue reading

Homohater Fosser Fram

Once again Iowa has held its ridiculous caucuses allowing a microscopic number of people to determine the trajectory of our presidential primaries.  This year only 5.4% of registered Republicans showed up and most of them were from the most fundamentalist evangelical communities.

I guess Romney’s pandering worked, though those eight (!) votes that put him over the top cost him a bucketload of money. Continue reading

Romney’s Mormonism Is Worse Than Newt’s Scumbagism?

It seems to me that Mitt Romney is a pretty decent sort of guy.  Of all the Republican candidates, he’s the only one whom I could remotely imagine voting for in a general election.  (Yes, I am an independent and have even voted for Republicans as I have admitted on this blog in the past.)

What turns me off about him is that he doesn’t seem to commit to anything.  I’m also very angry about how, like most of the Republican candidates, he so easily throws the gays under the bus.  But that’s politics, I guess. Continue reading

Indoctrination Is Not Thinking For Yourself

Over at Religion Dispatches, Paul Wallace has taken notice of Richard Dawkins’ idea for a “Think for Yourself Academy” for children.  Dawkins said in a NY Times interview that this academy “would not be a school for atheists.”

The idea horrifies him. A child should skip down an idiosyncratic intellectual path. “I am almost pathologically afraid of indoctrinating children,” he says. Continue reading

This Really Makes My Head Spin All The Way Around

Last week 700 people showed up at a San Angelo, Texas seminar on exorcism sponsored by the Catholic Church.  Here is the Bishop of the local Catholic Diocese (via mywesttexas.com):

“Over the centuries, ritual books have been prepared by the churches to be used in exorcisms and dealing with diabolical influence,” Pfeifer said. Different forms of that influence include obsession, such as with sex, drugs or alcohol; posession, which commonly is referred to as the haunting of places or things; and the most critical case of possession, when the devil takes over a person. Possession is usually the stage that requires a major exorcism.

“It’s a very frightening and difficult experience,” Pfeifer said. Though he said he has participated in exorcisms in West Texas, he would not disclose the number of cases or details about the experiences. Ritual prayers and sacraments such as holy water are used, he said. Continue reading