Chanukah: The Sequel, Or, How The Maccabees Mucked Things Up

Well people are going to start thinking I’m some kind of Chanukah scrooge, but one of the reasons I’m a Secular Humanistic Jew is my love of history.  I’m simply more interested in getting as close to the true stories behind the legends than I am in going along with the fictions. Continue reading

Chanukah: The Oily Miracle That Never Was

Sorry I’ve been on hiatus for so long from the blog.  When you start a new blog, you begin by posting all the time and then it slows down.  But I never meant for it to grind to an absolute halt for six days!

My only excuse is that work has been manic and I’m pushing to finish a whole bunch of projects before I leave for my December trip to Israel.  I hope to regularly post while there.

So now to the topic at hand, Chanukah. Continue reading