A Supplement For Your Seder

Humanistic Jews are faced with challenges at every holiday. How do we make our celebrations relevant when we know that in many cases they’re commemorating events that never happened? Or at least not the way the legends developed.

Passover celebrates an event – the Exodus from Egypt – that most certainly never occurred. That doesn’t stop me from having a seder, albeit one that was created for a Humanistic Jewish community. But even those Humanistic seders that I’ve used don’t really struggle with what modern scholarship teaches. Continue reading

A Supplemental Reading For Your Seder

Passover is the number one most celebrated holiday on the American Jewish calendar.  Even the least affiliated Jewish people celebrate it each year.

Today we know that the story of the exodus is a myth.  Every reputable archeologist has ruled out its historicity.  But it’s been replaced with an interesting idea:  That the Israelites were native to Canaan. Continue reading