Republican Roundup: Santorum, Kennedy, Romney & Posthumous Conversions

J.J. Goldberg, frequently one of the most sane voices in American Jewish journalism, has a very interesting post about Santorum and his negative effect on the Republican brand name.  Basically a historical review of Jewish support for Democrats, Goldberg points out that, while never a majority, Jewish support for Republicans has seen better days and that a strong showing for Santorum will cause further alienation.  I think he’s right about that.  Santorum’s comments about wanting to “throw up” when he read John F. Kennedy’s famous speech about separating church and state will do nothing to help him with his Jewish problem. Continue reading

Haters: Same Sex Marriage Is "Fake Marriage"

Over at the Family Research Council, bastion of theologically grounded hatred, Tony Perkins has launched a new campaign against “fake marriage,” better known to sane people as same sex marriage.

I’m not going to embed or link the video because the slime might leak onto this site and it’s expensive to clean up.  Their argument is threefold: Continue reading

Rick Santorum, Theologus Bibliae

Rick “Man on Dog Sex” Santorum will never be elected president, but if it’s the role of Tea Party chief inquisitor he’s bucking for, then he should be hired immediately.  This is Santorum at a speech late last week as reported by Reuters:

Obama’s agenda is “not about you. It’s not about your quality of life. It’s not about your jobs. It’s about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible. A different theology,” Santorum told supporters of the conservative Tea Party movement at a Columbus hotel.

Where does one even begin with such foolishness?  Would it do any good to point out to his followers that the bible has no consistent theology?  Or that the United States should not be governed by theology? Continue reading

Jewish Values: Left-Wing, Right-Wing & Everything In Between

One of the most interesting Jewish writers around these days is Jay Michaelson.  His regular columns in “The Forward” are always provocative even when – perhaps especially when – I disagree with him.  This week he’s written an important column in which he lays out something that too few politically liberal Jews understand:

Well-meaning Jewish liberals…speak innocently of “living out Jewish values” in the pursuit of liberal politics, as if ignorant that our political opponents think they are doing the same thing. Without more articulation, to say we are applying our Jewish values to issues of social justice or human rights is just a sound bite. The other side can say the same thing.

Indeed, the other side says the same thing all the time.  And the other side is just as entitled to do so: Continue reading